Parker Hose Manufacturers

Parker hose Manufacturers in Pune | Parker hose Suppliers / Dealers in Pune, Bhosari

We at Perfect Hydraulics India are leading manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of Parker hose in Pune, Bhosari. Parker Hose Manufacturers in Pune is a company that manufactures and supplies high-quality rubber and plastic hoses. The company is a leading manufacturer of industrial hoses, which include hydraulic, fuel, water, air and other types.

What is the use of Parker Hose?

Parker Hose Manufacturers in Pune is a type of firefighting equipment used by firefighters to contain and extinguish fires. Parker Hose is designed to be lightweight and flexible, which allows for easy manoeuvring. The hose can be fed by a fire engine or carried by firefighters.

Parker Hose Manufacturers in Pune is a type of tubing used for draining water from an engine. The hose has a rubber interior and is reinforced with steel wire. It is typically used to drain water from an engine, but it can also be used to drain oil or other fluids as well. The hose attaches to the vehicle's radiator, and then can be routed to a suitable container for disposal. We Parker Hose manufacturers in Pune offer the superior quality hoses having standardised certification in huge range of variety of different types such as-

  •   Reinforced Rubber
  •   Coiled
  •   Polyethylene Rubber
  •   Return Lines
  •   Steel Reinforced Teflon
  •   Corrugated
  •   Articulated, etc.
  •   To be selected by our clients for completing their specific purposes and requirements.

Our manufacturer company in Maharashtra provides these latest qualitatively designed hoses which are capable of withstanding high pressure and high temperature related hydraulic applications making these hoses work ideally for our clients. We Parker Hose manufacturers in Pune supply these special types of hoses in a number of different varying lengths to best suited for the unique purposes of our valuable clients.


Our manufacturer company in Maharashtra produces the innovative range of these hoses with latest number of adequate quality features to ease the working of our clients and withstand their related expectations from us and the specific features are given as-

  •   Leakage Free Connections
  •   Corrosion Free Tube Fittings
  •   Reliability in Material
  •   Abrasion Resistance
  •   Ease of Installation
  •    Exclusive Construction
  •   Innovatively Designed
  •   Easy to Handle
  •   Advanced Flexibility